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A solution for projects requiring scarce specialist skills and/or flexibility

Service Description
  • Known Requirements or let’s Specify Them: You wish to fill an already identified job position for which you have clear requirements. Alternatively, we will clarify the requirements together and jointly prepare a Job Description.
  • You are Executing Project with Flexible Scope: You need to adapt to dynamically changing requirements in your projects and thus the capacity needs for certain specializations.
  • You Need Rare Competencies: You require rare competencies that are currently not available in your team and are difficult or unacceptably time-consuming to acquire through recruitment among internal employees.
  • You Have Time-limited Capacity Need: You are implementing a project with a limited duration, or you have a short- term need for certain capacities, and it is advantageous for you to obtain the necessary workforce without long-term commitments.
  • Your Consultant is from Your Edge: The selected candidate is an employee or contractor of Your Edge and provides the service to you. Contractual relationships exist between you and Your Edge and between Your Edge and the consultant.
Service Scope
  • Job Description Preparation
    • We will revise the ideal candidate profile provided by you and refine it if needed – required education, skills, and experience.
  • Talent Search
    • Your Edge database and collaborating agencies
    • Finding and reaching out to passive candidates
    • Job portals
  • Screening & Shortlisting
    • Approaching candidates with job offers
    • Determining candidates’ interest and obtaining basic information
    • Pre-screening candidates
  • Interviews
    • Assessing the skills and experiences of selected candidates through multiple rounds of interviews with experienced domain experts
  • Evaluation and Candidate Offer
    • Selection of the most suitable candidates
    • Candidate communication and terms – availability, compensation
  • Onboarding
    • Support during the onboarding process of the new colleague
Service Parameters
  • Price: Individual
  • Time: We typically deliver the first candidates to you within the 1st week of receiving your request.
Team Lease

Unlike traditional Bodyshopping, which focuses on individual professionals, Team Lease offers a complete team solution that is ideal for projects requiring complex skills and coordinated work.

  • Tailored Team to Client’s Requirements: We offer the ability to assemble a team precisely according to the client’s specific requirements, ensuring an optimal lineup of experts for each project.
  • Quick Start and Efficient Delivery: We strive to deliver teams that are already well-coordinated, supporting faster project initiation and higher output quality due to their mutual understanding and synergy.
  • Cost Savings and Technical Equipment: With Team Lease, you gain financial savings associated with personnel management and technical equipment. Our external teams come with their own equipment, eliminating the need for significant initial investments.
  • Quality Assurance and Measurable Metrics: We provide a guarantee of the quality of work performed, with the option to specify measurable metrics in the order that are binding and impact the final price.