Recruitment Services

The people who work for you are a key source of your competitive advantage. Our mission is to help you build this advantage through our Recruitment Services.

Unlike traditional employment agencies, our Recruitment Services are based on a deep understanding of Data & Analytics and Information Systems, areas in which we also directly deliver our Professional Services. This specialization allows us to better understand your needs and situations, and provide you with experts who best suit your requirements.

We offer two classes of Recruitment Services – Recruitment and Bodyshopping – to effectively support your recruitment process in the areas where it is most needed.

Our candidates serve in leading companies in finance and telecommunications, in a wide range of fields: from Analysis and Architecture, through Development, Testing, and Operation of DWH, Design and Implementation of Big Data solutions, Test Automation and Test Management, to the Development of Back-end and Front-end Web Applications.

Recruitment Services

Why Your Edge
  • Deep Understanding of Client Needs: Alongside Recruitment Services, we also provide Professional Services in the areas of Data & Analytics and Information Systems, thus we understand the required competencies better than a typical agency.
  • Ability to Verify Candidate Competencies: We either have consultants who can professionally verify the required competencies of candidates, or we utilize our extensive network of experts for competency verification.
  • Holistic Evaluation of Candidates: In addition to technical skills and experience, we also evaluate candidates based on soft criteria, using modern methods for a comprehensive assessment, such as Gallup 5 Strengths and Hexaco.
  • High Number of Quality Candidates Available: We maintain and continue to develop an internal database of candidates and build relationships with partner companies and professionals to offer the best candidates in the shortest possible time.
  • Personalized Approach: Each client and recruitment project is unique to us, and we strive for personalized service, designing solutions based on a deep and comprehensive understanding of the client’s needs and situation.
  • Striving for a Long-Term Relationship with You: The better we get to know you, the better we can serve you, and therefore we continuously strive to understand and comprehend your situation to provide the most tailored service possible.
  • Innovation and Efficiency: As a technology company focused on innovation, we are also committed to continuous improvement and efficiency enhancement in our recruitment processes, using technology, including artificial intelligence.
  • Transparency and Predictability: We strive for open and transparent communication with clients about the features of the services provided and during realization, ensuring regular updates and clear communication about the progress of projects.
  • References from Leading Companies: We value the trust placed in our services by leading Czech financial and telecommunications companies, which allows us to help them build their competitive advantage based on the people who work for them.
  • We are a Licensed Employment Agency: We are authorized to mediate employment according to § 60 paragraph 1 of the Czech Employment Law, in the field of: Information Technology, in the forms of mediation according to § 14 paragraph 1 letters a) and c) of the Czech Employment Law.