Big Data & Data Science

The word “big” in the domain of Big Data is relative. Often Big Data does not refer to high volume only, but variety (structured, unstructured) and velocity (the speed of production) of data too. Data Science shifted from being a synonym for applied statistics to a complex branch utilizing computer science, mathematics, statistics, signal processing, probability modeling, pattern recognition, machine learning and visualizations on large data sets. While traditional Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Management focused on gaining insight into the past (“rear-view analysis”), with a limited confidence of predicted trends, the contemporary Business Intelligence strives to predict more precisely what organizations are heading, through the art of Data Science, and so identify new business opportunities (e.g. by uncovering hidden customer needs or better targeted offering) and improve effectivity and efficiency of operations (e.g. by automating manual tasks).  

how we help

Our team of technology independent consultants help clients to identify business valuable areas for utilization of Data Science, evaluate their business benefits and assemble their business case, and then architecture, design, develop and deploy appropriate solutions. 

We believe that any successful Data Science solution integrated into the frame of company processes, information landscape, and existing systems. That is why we recommend a holistic approach and not deploying a Data Science solution without understanding the context. 

Our service may be either short engagement helping a client to identify possible applications of Data Science in his context and understand their business cases or a more or less complex and longer implementation of a Data Science solution helping the client to move from a “rear-view analysis” to building his own crystal ball gain insight into what he is heading. 

our approach

It pays off for iterative cooperation with the client on the project, when at different stages of modeling other possible outputs for business are created and if there are resources, they can also be included in the solution. Although exploratory activity is difficult to estimate, we focus on the rapid delivery of the result and then improve it in cycles according to the customer’s wishes. However, the initial proof of concept is the most difficult, when data in a given quality are often not needed, etc. However, our team of consultants is also competent in required areas of Data Management.

our solutions

Hadoop Solutions

Big Data applications or analytical models on the Hadoop platform.

Analytical Solutions

One-time calculations or regularly ticking solutions, using Spark, Tensorflow / Keras, scikit-learn and others.

free assessment

Data Science Potential Assessment

Identify business valuable areas for utilization of Data Science, evaluate their business benefits and assemble their Business Case.

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