Process Engineering

An organization capable to cope with the challenging factors of saturated markets where customers are the masters, need for differentiation instead of just price competition, and the ubiquitous need for change, cannot be tied to a fixed organization structure with either misunderstood or rigid processes. A flexible and agile organization should be built around a set of processes, producing valuable outputs for their customers. 

However, there are still many organizations, where processes are either not grasped at all or are fragmented by a given organization structures, with the continuity of business processes, inherent to the business of these processes, distorted to relationships between organizational units. Thus, there is nobody responsible for the overall management of such business processes (except for the top management), perhaps only their fragments, conforming to their respective organization units, are managed in isolation, in silos. Since there is nobody responsible, any change (e.g. a reflection of a new product demand or a technology innovation), requiring organizational changes across multiple silos (and the most valuable changes are so), is hard or even impossible to manage, and the organization falls behind. 

How we help

Our team of consultants help clients to become more flexible and agile, with increased value produced for their clients, by helping them to become effective and efficient process-oriented organizations. 

We believe any successful process change must be “holistic”, i.e. it cannot be disruptive, inhumane, or focused on technology only, but rather respecting both people and technology aspects, stimulating the use of human capital by active collaboration, and sheltering both strategic and operational aspects. 

Our service may be either an engagement helping a client to tackle some underperforming key business process or a complex process reengineering to improve the organization’s flexibility or agility, or value provided (e.g. quality). 

We also highly recommend focusing on processes before any significant investments into a modernization of organization’s information systems, since the information systems should support the processes and not the other way around. 

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Process Automation

Implementing tools supporting the execution of processes to achieve efficiency.

Leading the Change

Helping to manage this specific project type (see IT Project Optimization).

client story

Data Management

The goal of this project was to design and implement processes to ensure quality of business data and efficient implementation of changes of data-intensive systems in a bank. The processes were designed and implemented together with a suitable organization structure.

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Assessment of Processes

Assessing how well process management is aligned with the strategy, the processes are designed and performing.

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