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Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence is focused on providing quality data to support decisions by integrating data from various sources into a common organization data model and helping organizations with their analysis, decision making, and reporting. According to the DAMA International, establishing a Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence is typically motivated by the following drivers: 

  • Business Intelligence – the primary driver to build a Data Warehouse is to gain better insight into organization’s customers, products and finance and other organization’s domains.
  • Operational Efficiency – acting on knowledge extracted form Business Intelligence improves the efficiency of organizations and thus support them to improve their edge before their competition.
  • Compliance – especially financial organization are required to provide data as evidence they have been compliant with regulatory requirements and subsidiaries often need to be compliant with their mother organization.

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Our team of technology independent consultants help clients to gain better insight into their business, increase their operational efficiency and ensure compliance by helping them to build, optimize and upgrade Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence solutions. 

We believe a successful Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence solution requires a comprehensive understanding of client’s business information needs, in the context of his business strategy and business processes, a solution that delivers business value fast, and a suitable technology suite. Though our technology independence, our consultants are well experienced in main on-premise technology (Teradata, Oracle, Microsoft) and we have been further uncovering where on-demand (cloud) technology fits. 

Our service may be either shorter engagement helping a client to materialize his need for a Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence solution by preparing its vision (to be used for e.g. a Request for Proposal), improve his current bad-performing solution (form a business or technology perspective) or a more complex project building a suitable Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence solution. 

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