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Why Your Edge

Your Edge is a service provider that strives to be the preferred partner for building competitive advantage using information systems, data and analytics. Our long-term customers include leading Czech financial and telecommunications companies such as Komerční banka, ČSOB and O2 Czech Republic.

Your Edge is a company of experts who strive for excellence in the industry, provide and further develop internal competencies, and partner with customers for both implementation and early discussions of the solution approach.

  • Your Edge is managed with an overriding focus on the context, perspective and expectations of our customers, with high expectations of the skills, education and experience of our experts.
  • For capacity delivery, we strive to best understand the customer’s overall context (business strategy, IT strategy, traditional vs agile organization, technology, budget) and deliver services based on this through proven consultants tailored to the situation.
  • Unlike employment agencies and other companies, we do not just resell experts to customers, but develop competencies together with our consultants and deliver them in the customers’ environment.

We know that if we want to provide a first-class service, Your Edge must be built on first-class professionals. We recognize that to attract, motivate and retain the best professionals, we must provide them with opportunities for self-fulfillment on exceptionally interesting projects, develop internal competencies, reward them appropriately, and develop a fair and motivating environment where it is a pleasure to perform.

  • We therefore focus on business development specifically to attract exceptionally interesting projects; we choose both our customers and projects.
  • At the same time, we carefully manage our operating costs so that we can reward our consultants above and beyond the norm through operational efficiency.
  • We differentiate ourselves from our competitors with our sophisticated and continually developing internal systems of Career Code, Bonus System, Referral System, Performance Management System, Training and Certification, which provide our consultants with an open, fair and motivating environment.
  • Our Career Code links consultant development and remuneration to the Your Edge strategy and answers the questions: How can I further grow at Your Edge? How can I move up the ranks? How can I achieve an increase in income? How can I become more valuable to Your Edge? How can I showcase and leverage my skills?
  • We invest in the professional growth of our consultants through specialized Training and Certification. We have a dedicated budget that we use to access the latest training programs and professional courses, which helps us maintain a competitive advantage for consultants and, as a result, Your Edge.
  • Bonuses are additional remuneration to the consultant’s salary or contractual rate, which reflects the consultant’s contribution to the business results in the areas in which they operate. Our bonus system specifies the allocation of this bonus among consultants. The bonus can make up a significant portion of a consultant’s income and is not capped from above.
  • Performance Management is our internal process for improving performance by setting individual and team goals in line with the organization’s strategic objectives, planning performance to achieve these goals, evaluating and assessing progress and developing consultants’ knowledge and skills. The tools we use include the Gallup Strength Finder and 15Five.
  • Our Referral System rewards consultants for successfully referring new associates to Your Edge. Referral rewards can be awarded on a one-off basis upon successful recruitment, or it can be paid on a long-term basis if the rewarded consultant is actively involved in mentoring the referred consultant.