Reporting is an essential part of the operational and strategic management of any successful company. A properly set up reporting system is a prerequisite for both the continuous evaluation of the achievement of operational process goals and for the design and management of a strategy that reflects quantitative facts. Reporting integrates various data sources into a unified interface, enabling users to generate, present, and share information in the form of graphs, tables, graphical dashboards, and other visual elements. 

Today, in companies, we encounter the following motives for establishing or changing reporting:

  • Data are not consolidated; they come from multiple sources and have different structures
  • Inefficient resource utilization 
  • Lack of performance monitoring, both for employees and, for example, individual branches 
  • Absence of a clear strategy and vision for future data-driven development 
  • Data opacity and lack of transparency 
  • Time-consuming, non-automated manual reports 

how we help

Our team of technology independent consultants helps clients build Reporting appropriate to their situation and expectations. We approach each client individually to ensure that the structure and scope of the reporting align as closely as possible with their needs. 

We first go over the client’s needs in detail, find out what their business requirements are, what metrics they would like to monitor, and how often they would like to monitor them. If the client already has a reporting system in place, we map it out and assess its usability. 

After determining the customer’s needs, we analyze the source data in detail and design a suitable data model, define relationships between objects and propose new metrics. Data cleaning and transformation is an integral part of the process. 

Next, we can design suitable reports, including individual pages, interactive visualizations, navigation buttons, and various other elements. 

In the next step, we will test the functionality and correctness of the output data with the client and work out any differences to further improve the report. 

Upon successful testing and implementation of the reporting solution, we create documentation and provide training for individual users. 

our approach

Power BI Reporting Tool

Does this sound familiar to you? Part of your data is stored in a data warehouse, some in various files, and another data source is on websites. Do you feel like your data isn’t telling you a story, and as a business user, you’re drowning in it?

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our solutions

Power BI Training

Basic training for Power BI users, including practical advice on how to create and use reports and dashboards effectively.

Reporting Implementation

Complete design and implementation of a reporting solution, either following a Reporting Assessment or from scratch.

Reporting Assessment

Analysis of the current state of reporting needs versus the current reporting system, suggesting recommendations for change.

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