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Personal Data Privacy Policy

This Personal Data Privacy Policy describes why and how we process your personal data and protect it in connection with our business activities.


Your Edge (“we”) is committed to respecting your privacy and protecting information that enables to identify you as an individual (“personal data”).
This Personal Data Privacy Policy describes why and how we process your personal data and protect it in connection with our business activities like conducting our business activities, operating our web sites (, “Web Sites”), and executing our recruitment, employment and contracting.
Since we are based in the EU and providing our professional services in the EU, we comply with the GDPR.
Data privacy aspects related to the operation of our websites are described in detail in our Cookies and Tracking Policy.
Data privacy aspects related to our recruitment, employment and contracting are described in detail in our Recruitment Privacy Policy.


The fundamental definitions as defined by GDPR are reiterated and commented here:

  • Personal Data: Personal data is any information that relates to an identified or identifiable living individual. Different pieces of information, which collected together can lead to the identification of a particular person, also constitute personal data. For example, in its recruitment activities, Your Edge collects, among other information, a name and surname, an email address and a mobile phone.
  • Data Controller: The data controller determines the purposes for which and the means by which personal data is processed. So, if a company/organization decides “why” and “how” personal data should be processed, the company is a data controller. Employees processing personal data within the company do so to fulfil the tasks of the company. Your Edge is a data controller of some of your personal data, as specified in this Personal Data Privacy Policy, our Cookies and Tracking Policy and our Recruitment Privacy Policy.
  • Data Processor: The data processor processes personal data only on behalf of the controller. The data processor is usually a third party external to the company. Being a data controller, Your Edge takes care of that a contract or another legal act effectively covers the duties of these third-party data processors towards Your Edge. For example, the contract must indicate what happens to the personal data once the contract is terminated.
Collected Personal Data
  • Business Activities: The scope of personal data is determined by the specifics of the relationship or contract with our clients, partners or external cooperators/contractors. For example, we collect personal data of clients’ representatives or people included in our surveys.
  • Web Sites: We collect personal data obtained from visitors browsing our Web Sites. We collect visitors’ device identifiers, their IP addresses, web browsers and their passage through our Web Sites (i.e. what they have searched for and visited). These collected data may be connected with other personal data. Our Cookies and Tracking Policy covers this area in detail.
  • Recruitment and Employment: We collect personal data from third-party platforms, contact forms on our Web Sites or through the web sites of our Data Processors, and obtained directly from job applicants. Our Recruitment Privacy Policy covers this area in detail.
  • Third-party: We collect personal data you published on third-party platforms, such as professional or other networks. We respect the rules of these third parties to use the data. We do not affect the terms and conditions based on which you have provided your personal data to these third parties.

In the course of some professional services, we operate as a data processor for some clients (data controllers). Such operations are conducted only on behalf of these clients and are managed by special contracts.

Use of Personal Data
  • Business Activities: We collect personal data in our business activities related to contracts with our clients, partners, and suppliers, and servicing our clients.
  • Web Sites: In general, we collect visitors’ personal data to provide functionality of our Web Sites, in order to tailor (personalize) provided information and improve our professional services.
  • Recruitment and Employment: We collect personal data in order to address our job openings to potential employees and contractors, evaluate and decide on potential cooperation, concluding and managing the contracts.
  • Third-party: We enrich information about you by information from third parties to tailor our job offerings and improve our professional services.
Use of Legal Basis

The legal basis for our use of your personal data as described above follows:

  • partially, from your explicit consent when accepting the cookies settings on our Web Site, providing us with your personal data during our recruitment process, or concluding a contract,
  • partially, from our legitimate interest to provide our professional services, conduct recruitment and employment, and ownership, merges and acquisition changes,
  • partially, from our obligation to comply with law and mandatory obligations.
Access to Personal Data

Your Edge strives to ensure that every entity (an employee, contractor, third-party service provider – data processor), involved in some activities in which they can access your personal data, is contractually bound to keep the confidentiality of your personal data and its processing.
Beyond the cases specified below, Your Edge will not disclose or transfer your personal data to third parties unless you provide an explicit consent:

  • Clients and Partners: Your Edge may provide access to your personal data to our clients and business partners. Such personal data disclosure is made upon a contract between Your Edge and the client or partner.
  • Data Processors: Your Edge may provide access to your personal data to third-party data processors listed below. We strive to ensure your personal data is governed consistently with our Personal Data Privacy Policy for every third-party service we use. We can provide you with details about our data processors on request.
    • External accounting providers,
    • Providers or electronic communication platforms,
    • Providers of document and collaboration tools,
    • Providers of marketing services,
    • Services related to Web Sites,
    • Services for recruiting and employment activities,
    • Contractors/External collaborators servicing us.
  • Ownership Changes: If Your Edge changes its ownership, merges with or acquires another entity, your personal data may be made accessible to new owners and entities.
  • Law and Legal Rights Protection: Your Edge may provide access to your personal data if it is required by law or required to protect our legal rights.

Your communication on our blog posts and forums is not private and your personal data are made public.

Personal Data Security

We implemented generally accepted standards of security and technology to protect your personal data. We select our third-party data processors with considering their compliance with these standards.

Personal Data Retention

The retention period is determined by a personal data use, while we generally commit to not retaining personal data longer than required.

  • Business Activities: We retain personal data for the lifetime of requests and contracts related to our services, cooperation, employment or contract; some data is retained as required by law.
  • Web Sites: The retention of cookies and other personal data related to other tracking techniques is described in detail in our Cookies and Tracking Policy.
  • Recruitment and employment: The retention of personal data related to our recruitment and employment is described in detail in our Recruitment Privacy Policy.
  • Third-party: The retention of third-party data is governed by their terms and conditions.
Your Rights
  • You may request a copy of all your personal data we have collected.
  • You may request an access to your personal data we have collected to review, modify or ask for its deletion or stopping processing it.

We reserve the right to refuse or charge your request if that is allowed by law; e.g. when we find your request excessive or problematic as it could lead to a potential disclosure of some personal data of other people.


By cooperating with Your Edge in Business Activities, using our Web Sites, being involved in our Recruitment and Employment – as described in sections Collected Personal Data and Use of Personal Data – you consent to the collection, controlling, access, security and retention of your personal data as described in this Personal Data Privacy Policy. We reserve the right to conduct changes to this Personal Data Privacy Policy. Whenever we make a change that increases the rights to use the personal data we have collected about you, we will ask you for your consent beforehand.

Contact Us

For any question about our Personal Data Privacy Policy, realizing your rights, or communicating directly with our Data Protection Officer, please contact us: